Weight loss update

I’ve had an unpublished draft post here for several months, talking about a weight loss challenge my wife helped organize.  Since the challenge is over and I’m happy with the results, I might as well publish the details 🙂

My wife and some of her friends decided to start their own “biggest loser” weight-loss contest in January.  Of course, all the husbands got their arms twisted into joining the contest as well.  I was definitely in the “heavier than I ought to be category” in January, so I gave it a shot.  The contest ended in the middle of May (and thankfully right before a business trip to Brazil, so that I could enjoy lots of good churrasco there).  While I didn’t win the contest, I was very happy with results.  I was able to drop over eight percent of my body weight, and even more importantly I’ve maintained a good weight since then.

Just goes to show that a little hard work really can pay off!  Now if I could just figure out how to stop craving donuts…

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