Ohio Linux Fest 2011, days 0 and 1

Yesterday I had the privilege of catching a ride with a couple of the Fedora Docs rockstars (Eric Christensen and Zach Oglesby) to Ohio Linux Fest.  Zach took the train down from Baltimore, and Eric drove up from Newport News to pick Eric and I up.  We then wound our way through Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia (again), and Ohio.  Eric was following directions from Google Maps, and while I had no complaints about the scenic views, there were a few times we all wondered if we were really going to end up in Ohio.  (At one point when we came to a narrow one-lane bridge across a swollen river, we even hopped out of the car and took pictures.  Unfortunately, my SD card stopped working so I didn’t get a good picture.)

Last night we hacked on some of the Fedora documentation until around 1:00am. I fixed up some bad formatting in the User Guide so that it would build again, and fixed a few other minor issues.

This morning, I got up early to help some Fedora contributors with their travel arrangements for FUDCon Milan, and ran the FUDCon planning meetings for FUDCon Milan and FUDCon India.  After a quick lunch (thanks to my friends at cloud.com), I headed back upstairs to the docs hackfest room and dove back into fixing up some more docs.  This afternoon, I worked on the Cloud Guide, a bit on the Security Guide, and showed some of the other guys some tricks I use for finding invalid DocBook tagging and fixing it.  I also helped Clint Savage with a couple of minor RPM packaging problems.  Now I’m helping John McDonough proofread a draft version of the Release Notes for Fedora 16.

I’m very much looking forward to the conference tomorrow and the Docs FAD on Sunday.