Fedora Board run-off election

If you’ve followed my blog for long, you probably know that I tend to blog a lot about my favorite distribution (and community), Fedora.  And, as you probably well know, in Fedora we have elections for many things such as seats on the leadership committees and release names. In the most recent round of Fedora elections, we had a tie vote in the elections for a seat on the Fedora Board, so we’re now in the middle of a run-off election.  If you have a Fedora account and haven’t yet voted, please do your civic duty and vote in the run-off election.  The voting ends Tuesday at the end of the day UTC time, so you have roughly twenty-four hours to get your votes in.  As always, I encourage you to vote for the candidate that you think will best represent Fedora and its values.

More details on the run-off election can be found at https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/announce/2012-June/003085.html.  To vote, login to the Fedora Accounts System and place your votes at https://admin.fedoraproject.org/voting.

Let me also add a quick thank you to everyone who has already voted or who has stood up and run for public office.  Leadership in Fedora takes time and effort, and I’m always grateful to those who are willing to put their time and energy and passion into doing a fantastic job.

One day remaining for Fedora 16 name suggestions!

One of the most light-hearted parts of the Fedora release process (and the one that often gets complaints) is picking the release name for the next version of Fedora.  For example, Fedora 14 had a release name of “Laughlin” and Fedora 15 has a release name of “Lovelock”.  I need your help coming up with plenty of suggestions so that we have an adequate pool to vote from after the names have been vetted.

You have until the end of the day tomorrow (March 10th) to submit your most creative entries for the release name.  Please follow the instructions at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Name_suggestions_for_Fedora_16 to ensure that you follow the naming guidelines.  The name cannot be picked at random, but must follow a simple set of rules.

For example, Laughlin is the name of a city in Nevada, USA, and so is Lovelock.  Lovelock is also a [new link here], and <your name suggestion here> is also a [new link here].  The new link should be original, and not something already used (cities in Nevada, physicists, kings, names of ships, etc.).  You can find the entire set of rules on the wiki page linked above, and the history of Fedora release names at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/Names.

Please take a moment and post your most creative suggestion on the wiki at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Name_suggestions_for_Fedora_16.  We’ll open up voting on the release names from March 23th through March 29th.


I updated the links to actually work — sorry about the links not working last time.